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Updated 10/01/2007

Software: (Shareware and Freeware)
5 Star Shareware

Free CD Software (Pay Shipping and Delivery)    
Microsoft WUGNET Shareware Picks 
Paul's Picks
Priceless Freeware

Shareware Junkies (Shareware testing)
ZD Net

Computer Information:
WiFi Planet                              Wi-Fi- News
Anandtech                                   Computer news and hardware reviews
Color Chart
Computer Doctors - Tips on how to fix computer problems

Microprocessor Resources      Computer News and Information
The Register                               Computer News and Information
ZD Net                                          Computer News and Information

Virus, Hoax and Urban Myth Information 
Virus Information:      Symantec (Norton)          McAfee       More Virus Information

Virus Hoaxes: "Hoax Busters" CIAC Team of U.S. Dept. Energy     Symantec (Norton)     McAfee
Real Viruses:
Urban Legends and Folklore:
Urban Legends:

Current Internet Rumors:   (Sen. Rick Santorum web site)
Hoax Encyclopedia:
The Latest Hoax News:

Instruction Information
Web Page creation/information

Free Stuff

    Internet Access:   Juno       NetZero         

    E-mail:  Hotmail        Juno      NetZero        Yahoo 

    Fax:  eFax        

    Voicemail, E-mail and Fax  One Box

    Web Page Storage:  Angelfire    Homestead       Fortune City       Yahoo-GeoCities     

Personalized Web Site and Register Domain Names:
Blue Domino     Buy Domains   Dirt Cheap Domains   Deep Technology   Domain Direct     Dot Registar     Go Daddy  
Hostway    Low Cost Domains   
iRegistrations    Name Secure      NetIdentity     PowWeb

Conversion (Miles/Kilometers, inches/centimeters etc. Cooking, weight, area etc)  
Online Conversion

Foreign Language Translation Sites
Alta Vista    
  Babelfish     GPLTrans     T-Sail     TranslationExperts    

WiFi Hotspot Directori e     PC World WiFi Finder    WiFi 411      WiFinder     Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi Zone Finder   

Computer Shows and Sales:
KGP Computer      MarketPro Computer     
Trenton Computer Festival     Tristate Fairs

Other Computer Clubs:
Hawaii P C Users Group     Hunterdon Computer Club,  N.J.     S.W. Florida PC Users Group      New Jersey Computer Club

Non Computer Related Links:

      Transportation:   Amtrak      Septa

    Newspapers:  Delaware County Times     Philadelphia Inquirer     New York Times     USA Today     

    TV:  Ch 3-KYW (CBS)     Ch 6-WPVI (ABC)     Ch 10-WCAU (NBC)     Ch 12-WHYY (PBS)     CNN     

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